Helping you succeed at the business of creativity.
Mindset, planning, and coaching for real results.

About my coaching…

I provide customized and flexible coaching focused on three main tools for running a successful business: Planning, Support, Mindset. My methods are a blend of positive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and my own creative tools and systems.

I am committed to helping you succeed at the business of creativity.

Over the past 16 years of being a solo-preneur, I’ve worked with coaches, attended courses, seminars and webinars, read hundreds of books, and done the work. I’m proud of the life I’ve created for myself and the dreams I’ve made real.
It is this balance of practical knowledge and real world personal experience I bring to our sessions that my clients love the most. Well, that and my positivity and genuine enthusiasm to see them succeed.


About my journey…

For most of the past two decades I ran a freelance business as a professional photographer, photography instructor, and international photo tour leader.  I have experience with all the challenges of running a creative business in a rapidly changing creative industry. From discovering my unique style to figuring out who my clients are and what to charge and all the ups and downs of doubt and excitement along the way.
I have always been passionate about learning and rigorous in the pursuit of self-development ( that’s how I got the letters after my name). I’m one of only nine Certified Professional Photographers (CPP) in Canada and earned a Master of Photographic Arts (MPA) from the Professional Photographers of Canada in 2014. I’m still active in creating visual art and practicing the craft of photography.
While certainly useful, my background in Financial Management and Marketing Communications helped me to recognize that traditional ways of doing business weren’t flexible enough or as helpful as having a simple, clear vision and specific next steps. When your passions and your clients needs change quickly it is import to stay nimble and to stay profitable.
For many years I worked with Vancouver Institute of Media Arts and Vancouver Photo Workshops, helping other photographers navigate the world of business and develop a curriculum for planning. Since then, I’ve added positive psychology and mind set tools to simplify the process and tailor it for all creative entrepreneurs.

I am committed to your success. It’s time to dive in and start to thrive in your creative career.

Empowering creative people to build the business and life they dream of
is the most fulfilling work that I can imagine doing.

Aura McKay