You are already great at what you do….breakthrough to being great at business too!

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You’ve been working to grow your business for a while now and things just aren’t where you want them to be.
  • You are not working with the kinds of clients you’d love to be helping
  • You are not making enough money or growing as quickly as you want to
  • You are feeling overwhelmed by all the decisions and tasks and ‘hats you wear’
  • You are feeling scattered, frustrated or stuck
  • You are tired of the gig economy, feast or famine, unpredictable income
After hearing from a lot of small business owners, freelancers, consultants and creative entrepreneurs that are having these and other challenges, I decided to help.
I have created a Business Breakthrough Session. This is a special conversation and coaching session where we work together to:
  • Create a crystal clear vision for your ‘ultimate business success’ and the ‘perfect lifestyle’ you’d like your business to provide
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging the growth of your business and keeping you working too many hours
  • Leave this session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to turn your business in a thriving, predictable, and fun enterprise that supports your lifestyle dreams.
Completing a Business Breakthrough Session is a pre-requisite to private one-on-one coaching.

In one hour with Aura I gained more actionable clarity than after over 80+ hours spent with other coaches and trying to figure it out myself! If you actually want to breakthrough the spinning and stories so you can get shit done, do yourself a favour and hire her!”

Jannette Anderson, Co-founder of

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