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Creative business planning system and live group coaching developed specifically for creative freelancers like you.


Business Coaching for Creative freelancers small logoD.A.M. Plan Bootcamp

Get Clear on What You Want and How To Get It.

Do you have multiple passions?
Are you confused about which one to follow?
Are you having trouble getting focussed?
Are you ready to create an action steps that matter?
Do you need a clear, focused, step by step plan to get you to the next level?

You need a D.A.M. Plan!

Business Coaching for Creative freelancers small logoMomentum Mastermind Group

Ongoing Support to Follow Your Plan and Get Results

Are you stuck in figuring out the specific steps that will get you results?
Are you overwhelmed or avoiding the business part of your freelance career?
Are you tired of feeling alone in your business?
Are you ready to do the work and make changes?
Do you want a cheerleader, a team, and a coach to help you reach your full potential?

Join the Momentum Mastermind Group!

Aura McKay, Coaching for Creatives

Momentum Mastermind Group

Accountability. Motivation. Implementation.

Join this LIVE online Mastermind Coaching Program and accelerate your results. 

Over $1,900 in value…..

Register Now for only $1,497

This SIX MONTH program starts on January 13th, 2018 with limited spaces. 

 Start getting the results you want!

  • Participate with a group* of likeminded and motivated creative freelancers

  • Be accountabile for taking action on your milestones

  • Get coaching to adjust your plans and focus on what really needs to be done next

  • Get tools and tips for overcoming frustration, overwhelm, lack of confidence, and other mindset blocks

  • Get worksheets and bi-weekly focus topics to inspire and inform your business decisions

  • Have cheerleaders for your success and progress along the way

Next available Momentum Mastermind live online group coaching program
runs January 13th, 2018  to July 11th, 2018 at 8:30am (PDT) every other Wednesday.
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*Group size is limited to 6 people per mastermind pod.

Momentum Mastermind Program Includes:

6 Months of Alternating Live & Videos Sessions – $1,200

12 New Focus Topics and Worksheets every 2 weeks – $120

2 x One Hour of Private Coaching With Aura – $500

Monthly Success Journals for 6 months – $60

Bonus: Success Inventory Workbook – $10

Bonus: Checklist for Success – $10

Total Value = $1,900
Regular Registration Only = $1,497

 Starts January 13th - Book Now

Jess M shares how participating in this LIVE online course is different from everything else on the internet.

A clear and easy message delivered every week, with live feedback and self work to maintain your momentum.

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D.A.M. Plan – Live Online Group Coaching Program

D.A.M. Plan Bootcamp Includes:

  • 5 Live Online Group Coaching Sessions – $500
  • One Hour of Private Coaching With Aura – $250
  • The D.A.M Plan Overview Workbook – $50
  • Vivid Dream Workbook Part One and Two – $70
  • Milestone Map Workbook – $50
  • Success Journals for 30 days – $10
  • Bonus: Success Inventory Workbook – $10
  • Bonus: Checklist for Success – $10

Total Value = $950
Online Program Only = $397

Online program has FIVE live sessions at 8:30am (PDT) every Wednesday.
Video recordings of live sessions are available for playback and in case you miss one. It is highly recommend you attend all five.

Focus your passions and get clarity on your DREAMS 

  • Get a clear vision of what success looks like for you.
  • Get more of the clients you actually want.
  • Know what to charge and feel confident in your value

Create the ACTION PLAN  to achieve them

  • Get a specific plan and know exactly what needs to be done next
  • Get milestones that matter and keep you motivated
  • Get a flexible framework to help you make decisions

Overcome the  MINDSET  that’s stopping you

  • Get past your creative blocks more quickly
  • Get tools to build your confidence in our business and your skills
  • Get new Habits of Success for achieving results faster