Private Coaching

Create a clear plan for your business, take specific action steps, and develop a mind set for your success.

Take the confusion and overwhelm out of your creative business.

Creative entrepreneurs are in a unique position to achieve incredible successes in today’s economy.
We are moving out of the age of technology and information and into an age of ideas, creativity, and innovation. Are you ready?

Focus your passions and ideas
Create a simple and flexible plan for your business
Take action towards achieving your goals
Develop a mind set and habits for lasting positive change
Business Plan Coaching for creative entrepreneurs with Aura McKay

Clarity and Focus

Create a clear and flexible plan for your creative career.

Accountability coaching for creative entrepreneurs with Aura McKay

Specific Plan of Action

Set milestones that matter and the steps to take to reach them.

Success Performance Habits coaching for creative entrepreneurs with Aura McKay

Positive Growth Mindset

Develop the habits of success to accelerate your results.

D.A.M. Plan Private Coaching

The D.A.M. Plan is a business planning system specifically developed for artists and creative professionals.
This is my signature system to help you accelerate your results.


 Focus your passions and get clarity on your dreams

  • What does success look like for you? For your life and for your business?
  • Who are your clients and what do they care about?
  • What are you offering and what is the value of your offer?

Create milestones that matter and the action steps to achieve them

  • Set milestones instead of goals and simplify your action steps in written plan
  • Feel confident knowing what needs to be done to move your towards your dream
  • Identify the skills, resources, and tools you need to run a successful business

 Learn techniques to overcome the mindset that’s stopping you  

  • Understand how your mindset impacts your results
  • Learn techniques for overcoming self-doubt and fear
  • Start building new Habits of Success

We will use my DAM Plan system as a framework and personalize your sessions to your creative career journey.

Momentum Private Coaching

Momentum Coaching helps you create new habits of success and get the results you want for your life and business.
These sessions are totally customized to your goals and current mindset.

You have a plan.
You know what you should be doing.

You just keep getting stuck, distracted, or overwhelmed.

Coaching creates a customized and flexible structure to keep you moving towards your goals.

  • stay motivated
  • overcome negative self-talk
  • get your ‘to do list’ done
  • get back on track

Momentum coaching offers you tools, exercises, feedback and recommendations to succeed at the business of creativity.

  • revise or create your business plan and goals
  • get clarity on who your clients are and what to charge
  • be supported you in taking action on your plans
  • build new habits for success.

Coaching is flexible and personalized to what will help you most in living your dreams.