E01 Tea & Talk – Alternatives to Email Marketing

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Alternatives to Email Marketing

Welcome to Episode 1 of Tuesday 2 o’clock Tea and Talk – weekly conversations about Business Marketing and Mindset for creative and service based entrepreneurs.
This episode explores ideas about alternatives to email marketing.

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Welcome to Tuesday’s 2 o’clock Tea and Talk this is the very first one.

What is Tuesday at 2 o’clock Tea and Talk? Besides great alliteration.
Well, it is an opportunity to get together in the afternoon once a week and have a conversation about marketing and business and mindset.

We’re going to talk about marketing, we’re going to talk about business, and as I mentioned in the little promo piece, I want to talk to you about email marketing.

I’ve been looking at email marketing (mostly I’ve been looking at my inbox) and I’ve been noticing…I don’t know if you guys have noticed this… but my inbox is just saturated with marketing campaigns, email funnels, email sequences from all different areas of people… just wanting to talk to me, to connect with me, and to sell me something.

When I’m looking at my own business and when I’m looking at the businesses of my clients, I’m in a position of thinking…ok, how can we connect with people? Especially using today’s technology? Using the Internet, using digital technology in a meaningful way?

Email marketing…is it just a pain in our backsides? I mean what I’m doing right now, this Facebook live, is an alternative to email marketing. That’s essentially what it is. So doing a Facebook live is another way to market, to connect with you, to build relationship, to have a conversation, to check in, to see what do my clients want? And you know as Sue just pointed out with her technology challenges, you want to be aware of the medium in which you’re communicating.

What that means to me is when I look at email marketing and I look at the medium in which email marketing happens – which is my inbox….which is chaos. Okay, my inbox is zero. I’ve at least looked at everything and organized it but…a lot of my organization happens automatically so these email marketing campaigns, these funnels that are coming into my life are coming in and they’re going directly into a dedicated folder in my email system. And I’m only ever really looking at them maybe once or twice a week!

So, I look at that and I think…ok that’s how I’m treating email marketing as the customer, as someone being marketed to. What’s going to happen to my emails if I choose email marketing as the way to communicate and to connect with my clients?

I’m going to have some more tea so hopefully you’ve joined me in a cup of something – whether it is tea or some other beverage.

When I was looking and doing some research, what I saw was that the sort of expected ROI (if you’re not into the marketing acronyms or business acronyms, ROI means Return On Investment) so the expected return on investment for email marketing in most circumstances is around 1% to 3 %.

This means if you send out 100 emails you might get engagement, meaningful engagement, from 1 to 3 people.

This seems like not really a good deal, you know? I don’t know. It just really feels to me like that’s not a really great return on the amount of time and effort and energy it takes to create and execute a really well-thought-out email campaign.

So, I’ve been looking for what are the alternatives to email marketing and the question really brought up… well what is the objective of my email marketing.

What we’re talking about here is alternatives to email marketing and so when I look at…
Okay, I want an alternative. Email marketing is saturated. It is (in Seth Godin terms) what you would call a red ocean. I want to go somewhere where there’s not a lot of competition where it’s easy for me to connect with my people.
And the research that I’ve been given and I’ve been doing, says that there’s a whole bunch of different ways out there that we can do that.

Yes. They take time. And yes they take effort and energy.
But when you look at the success of email marketing relative to the amount of time and effort and energy you invest…..

Hmmmm…I’m thinking that ideas like one-to-one networking or ideas like Facebook lives or ideas like, you know holding a networking meeting in your own space and hosting and facilitating it…all of these could be alternatives depending on what the desired outcome is.

So asking the question simply like, Wwhat is the alternative to email marketing?”, I think there’s more to it than that.

I think it’s about asking….”Well, what am I trying to do with my email marketing? Am I trying to build a relationship with people who already love me?”

Then great!
Email marketing is maybe going to work because I’m not really selling. I’m deepening trust or I’m helping people get to know and like me.

If what I’m doing is try to build awareness, then maybe it makes more sense for me to joint venture with another business and leverage their email list.

Please post in the comments…what are some of your biggest frustrations with email marketing either from the perspective of trying to do it and implement it as a business connecting to people or… being on the receiving end of email marketing and how does that feel?

Hi Natasha, welcome. The question is:
What is your experience based on someone who’s trying to market people using email?
Or what is your experience based on being marketed to with email?

Okay great, something to consider when you are looking at a marketing alternative for yourself.

I think there’s the question of how does it impact me being on the receiving end?
What do I feel like when I’m trying to do it?
Where do my challenges and frustrations come up and what is it that I’m actually trying to achieve?

I’ve got a comment here from Devin and he says….
”Didn’t it change a bunch after the new anti-spam law came into effect? I never used it because it’s a lot of time…because a lot of people have a lot of it go directly to their spam.”

Devin, I think what you’re saying is that you basically have opted out of the whole email marketing experience by choosing not to do it yourself in your own business and really just not paying attention to it in terms of opting in to other people’s marketing. And your thought is that this new anti-spam law, the GDPR or whatever it is, would have reduced the number of emails.

You know, possibly it did… in terms of the spam that we’re getting but, I’m talking about the email marketing where you ‘opt in’ or you sign-up to a list or you exchange your email address for something of value (an e-book or a template, etc) and then that person continues to market to you using email.

You’re absolutely right, Devin. A lot of times even those emails will end up in a spam or a junk folder if the recipient hasn’t whitelisted you. And like I said, for myself, most of those emails for me, they end up in like a particular folder for that particular marketing campaign and I hardly ever look at them.

That is, I think, really impacting why it’s less then between 1% to 3% of success on email marketing.
It’s something to consider:

  • how do I feel doing it ?
  • how do I feel receiving it?
  • what is the objective?

Devin, I’d be curious to know, what are you using instead of email marketing to do your marketing for your business? I mean, I know it’s probably charm and good looks but I would also guess that it has something to do with relationship marketing.

A lot of people would say that relationship marketing can be done online; can be done with email. But often is done best in person and that connection, that face-to-face, knee-to-knee, eye-to-eye, heart-to-heart …kind of thing is even more connected if you’re in that kind of business.

Devin says….”Personally found that using social media and latching on to businesses and people with lots of followers and having them share or interact with your posts offers etc.”

So really Devin, you’re saying going after the shares and the social networking?

Yes! Absolutely. That can for sure work.
Social media awareness, getting followers, getting likes, things like that …if your desired outcome is to increase awareness and the number of people who are aware and will follow your content. Then I think social media is a great strategy.

Your other thing that you mentioned, in terms of making connections with other businesses and people that already have a big following, you can create a very formal kind of arrangement with those businesses and leverage their existing fan group and their existing influence to create incredible results for your business. It’s called joint venture marketing.

There are certainly some experts in the area of joint ventures (here is a checklist from my mentor, Jay Fiset) that have proven that it is being very effective in doing online marketing. But I think the outcomes are different.

A lot of times, with an email marketing campaign, the objective is to move people through a series of emails and attitudes to get them to the point of wanting to buy something. It’s a very specific journey that you are taking your reader through for a very specific outcome.

So thinking about, you know, when we ask the question…”What can we use instead of email marketing?”, again, we have to get back to…To do what? To achieve what? For what particular outcome?

Alternatives to email marketing for creating awareness? Yeah, absolutely, social media is great for that – getting more likes, participating in groups.
There are all different kinds of things to do instead of email marketing.

So next week, at the Tuesday 2 o’clock Tea and Talk, I want to explore the idea of what kinds of objectives do we need to have in a marketing plan or a marketing strategy and what kinds of things might fit under those objectives?

We’re going to go and look at the know-like-trust-try-buy cycle of the consumer and businesses journey through marketing campaigns.

This has been episode one! Thank you, I’m really committed to having casual conversations with you about business marketing and mindset to help you succeed at your creative business.

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