The key to freedom is limitation

By April 24, 2018Actions, Blog, Mindset, Planning

“Embracing a limitation could actually drive creativity. “ – Phil Hansen

What if embracing structure, planning, and consistency could drive your success as a creative entrepreneur?

Freelancers, consultants and other creative, passionate individuals who are building their dream lives tend to be…..resistant to structure, systems, and planning.

Creativity and passion can feel free flowing and wild: multiple ideas, so many things to explore, and chasing the next shiny thing!
This is exciting and fun and…may not get you to where you want to go and being who you want to be.

It is kind of counter intuitive.
That tools that create boundaries and structure also create a context to create into – a space to harness the passion and transform it into lifestyle, income, and impact.

Add in consistency, action, and mindset and your dreams really will come true!

Funny how life works, hey?
We crave freedom and unfettered self-expression and planning and consistent action pave the way.

Instead of limitations stifling your creativity, holding you back and, in a lot of cases, forcing you to quit whatever your creative endeavour might be,[…] only by embracing them can you fully liberate the creative soul within you. In fact, the more constrained the individual, the more liberated and creative they can become.” DAVID EASTMAN, Fast Company

One of my favourite examples of this is the journey of artist Phil Hansen, a pointillist painter who developed a tremor and had to reinvent himself and his way of expressing.

As photography students in the late 90’s, we were told to put one lens on our camera (a 50mm prime was the best choice) and use only that lens for one full year.

In the 15 years of I taught photography, I would challenge my students to take 10 completely different images within a specific space and with other limitations on equipment and time.

These examples of embracing limitations in order to challenge creative expression can be used to inspire you to embrace things like planning, and accountability.

“We need to first become limited in order to become limitless.” – Phil Hansen

That structure you resist could be your key to freedom.

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