Websites, Marketing, and Donuts

By May 10, 2018Blog, Marketing, Mindset, Planning
Sometimes when I start talking about business, cashflow, pricing, marketing, websites etc…..creative people start looking for an escape route.
You may already have your finger hoovering above the next or delete button. lol
The hard truth is….if you want to make money offering your creative services you need to do some kind of marketing and sales.
Before you run away to bury yourself in endless scrolling through cat videos, check out what Mary had to say about a recent coaching session focused on strategies for her new website.

Thank you so much for all your brilliance today! Insights so helpful! And all delivered so delightfully! I feel like I could talk about donuts forever. Business? Not so much! Lol

Mary Jensen, Artisan Photography

You see, we DID talk about marketing and websites.
We DID talk about business strategies and revenue goals.
And we did it by talking about DONUTS.
Metaphors and visuals are powerful ways to access concepts that might be challenging.
There are several reasons why creative people like you might be struggling with business concepts:
  • never given the training or vocabulary
  • tried, failed, gave up, and now resist
  • mindset that says you can’t do business stuff or suck at it
  • every time you start, it overwhelms you
So what do donuts have to do with marketing and websites?
It is all about getting clear on who you are as a business, what you offer, and where you are going to start.
Let’s say you are a photographer (baker) and you want to specialize in family and child portraits (donuts).
You would make a website that shows only family and child portraits (donuts).
Don’t complicate things or confuse your clients by offering them architctural photography (eggs benedict with hashbrowns).
Show what you specialize in.
Architectural photography does not match with who you are as a business.
Same thing with where you start with your website and marketing.
Do you already have a full and comprehensive portfolio (all flavours and styles of donuts)?
Or can you start with just one donut and then add to it as you grow? (plain first, sprinkles and chocolate dipped next, etc…)
If you need a little help figuring out who you are, what you offer, or where to start with marketing your creative business, book a Business Breakthrough Session and let me help you.

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